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Taking products from concept to customer

Many companies have the technology, production capabilities and manufacturing knowledge to produce LED products. The HDL difference comes from our commitment to meet customers’ expectations, to drive innovation, and to deliver a product that exceeds quality expectations while remaining cost-effective.

A focused approach

LED lights started showing up in the heavy-duty trucking industry in the ‘90s, when a handful of companies added LED solutions to large product catalogues. When HDL entered the market a decade later, we made a critical decision to be LED-only, with a specific focus on the heavy-duty industry. This focus continues to guide us today.

We start and finish with quality

In trucking and transportation, “good enough” simply doesn’t cut it, especially when it comes down to safety and costs. HDL invests our time and energy toward delivering solutions that go the extra mile for drivers, purchasing agents, and business owners so they’re never stuck with “good enough.”

We believe a warranty is only worth what the company is worth. We’re proud to say that our warranty rate is well below the accepted industry standard.

Always open to new opportunities

When customers come to us with a specific need, they often ask, “Is it possible?” More often than not, our answer is, “Let’s make it happen.”

We explore possibilities in order to deliver solutions that will make everyone along the chain of command—especially the driver or operator—happy.

Solutions vary. For instance, we work with your engineers to solve challenges related to existing tooling. Other times, we help clients bring new products to market. This level of inquiry, and our ability to explore new possibilities, truly set the standard for how HDL operates.

Built on great relationships

We work with multiple manufacturing facilities in order to leverage their strengths and capacities to accommodate changing business cycles, industry needs, shipping, timing and more. Each of our facilities is certified ISO-9001 and ISO/TS 16949.

In the field, our sales and service reps are best-in-class. They understand what it takes to build great relationships, and they share HDL’s desire to solve challenges.

Whether you have drawings and designs in mind, or just an idea, you can contact a regional rep to start or continue a conversation at any time.

Just ahead of the market

HDL believes in staying on the leading edge, just ahead of the industry and technology. Our process involves looking around the bend, seeing where the market is really headed, and building from the standpoint of what our customers need.

We never hurry a product to market. That’s because we want to be sure it performs the way our customers need it to perform, even if it costs us extra time and capital on the back end. We support OEMs or the after-market, we work closely with them on R&D before any product hits the shelf.

HDL lights a new way in the heavy-duty lighting industry
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