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Find HDL products exclusively through dealers, distributors, and a network of independent manufacturer's representatives. Learn more »

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The best in the business represent HDL

Our network of Independent Manufacturer's Representatives (Reps) have helped HDL become one of the most trusted and respected companies in the industry. They’re a bright group of individuals who know the ins and outs of the automotive and trucking industries at all levels. And they understand the unique needs and concerns of their respective regions.

Your region’s rep will provide you with information about HDL distributors in your area. If you already know the name of the rep group you’re looking for, click on it below.

Interested in representing HDL?
Contact us today:, or 877-238-0008.

Partnering with the highest quality distributors and dealers in the industry

We know the quality and reliability of the products our dealers and distributors sell, and the consistency of their service, directly affects HDL’s reputation.

HDL maintains a strong tradition and policy of selecting distributors according to their reputation as a quality and reliable stocking distributor. Because of our careful vendor selection, and our support for their sales efforts, HDL has created especially strong relationships with these distributors and dealers. These relationships work to benefit all HDL customers.

Want to distribute HDL’s products?

Contact the rep in your area. Or contact HDL at, or 877-238-0008. Download our Distributor Credit Application.

Find HDL’s products

Our LED products are available through quality heavy-duty, automotive, marine, RV and industrial distributors and dealers worldwide. To find a distributor near you, contact the manufacturer’s representative in the territory of interest. Or contact us directly at, or 877-238-0008.